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Our farm in St. Anton. The Gruberhof in St. Jakob in Austria

Our farm

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Our farm in St. Jakob am Arlberg in Tyrol - Austria. The Gruberhof

The farm

The new "Gruberhof“ was built in 2009 at the same place as the old building.

The building has been more than 350 years old, which was called “Die obere Mühle”. It was a grinding mill, including ramming and Walk.

With the opening of the railway (about 1884) began dying of the mills in the village.

The owner

  • until 1860 Thöny, Hueter
  • about 1860 Franz Anton Klimmer
  • 1908 went the possession over to Josef Gruber
    From his marriage with Maria Elisabeth originate the children Josef and Rosa,
    who died at the age of 18
  • 1934 Josef junior married Ida Tschiderer from the village See (Paznauntal)
    They got 4 children called Erich, Josef, Rosa and Ida
  • 1956 after the death of his father, Josef jun. took over agriculture
    This was pulling with his team of horses increased in spring and in autumn plowing the fields and winter with wood working.
    He was well known and in demand over the town borders.

Next to the cattle farming there has been sheep’s, goats and pigs on the farm. From the sheep’s they got the wool for the clothing. The meat was primarily for their own use.

In the fields, a variety of cereals for human and animals has grown. Therefore, all people living on the farm have been helping at the work. The total number of persons using the Court was asked to help and appreciated.

1976 the first tractor came on the court. With this one began the mechanization of the farm, which was continued until today.

1989 after the death of Ida Gruber in 1987, her son Erich and his son Erich junior owned the farm. Through them the farm has been aligned in mainstream dairy industry.

2006 Erich Gruber junior took over the family business with his family.

Near to nature management

We manage a total of 14 hectares of grassland, of which 6 ha single-shear “Hochwiesen” which are on an altitude of approximately 1800 meters.

The operational management is designed for the dairy industry and cattle breeding with a look at our stable you can watch us mucking out, feeding and milking and if you want you can help us.

Our house contain 8-12 dairy cows and their offspring. The daily fresh milk we deliver to Tirol Milch, wWhich are the major milk processors in Tirol .

The taste of fresh milk and the intense scent of fresh hay you will never forget.

In the summer our cows are driven to the pastures, where they get strengthen with the juicy and healthy grasses of the mountains. There the collected milk is processed by the “Senner” to a tasty butter and savory cheese.

Rinderzuchtverband Tirol

Our court is part of the “Rinderzuchtverband”.

At the 8th of December 2006 the “Rinderuchtverband Tirol” is created by the merger of

  • Tiroler Fleckviehzuchtverband
    (2.850 members with 30.500 cows)
  • Holstein Tirol Rinderzuchtverband
    (250 members with 2.700 cows)
  • Tiroler Fleischrinderzuchtverband
    (400 members with 1.500 cows)

With the fusion of this 3 breeding associations they created the most successful “Rinderzuchtverband” of Austria. There is no breeding association in Austria which has provided so many champions in recent years at national shows.

A few years ago this would have been unthinkable.

With this they ascended in Tirol to a global player. No other organization has such a wide variety of breeds and production forms.

All production areas of breeding, milk production, double occupancy, meat production,
mother cows and genetic conservation are managed under one roof.

Erich Gruber

Schöngrabenweg 1
A- 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg

+43 664 4309677